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Wednesday Evenings

Worship Quest is the name of our Wednesday evening Children's Ministry Program. During this 5:30-7:00 pm time block, our children learn about missions and worship through fun, yet relevant age-appropriate activities. At First Baptist, we place a high priority on teaching the next generation the things of the Lord. Worship Quest is an integral part of this training.

The Missions component includes Mission Friends for Preschoolers, GA's (Girls in Action) for girls in 1st - 5th grades, and RA's (Royal Ambassadors) for boys in 1st - 5th grades.

In Mission Friends, preschoolers will participate in activities and hear Bible stories that show them Jesus loves them and people all over the world. They will learn about missionaries and how they can be helpers, too.

This year's Girls in Action theme, "Meet Me in the City" will take the girls to some of the busiest places on earth to learn what missionaries are doing to share Jesus. The girls will participate in mission projects that allow them to share Jesus with thier own communities.

"As a Royal Ambassador, I will do my best to become a well-informed, responsible follower of Christ." This is the R.A. Pledge that the boys put into action each week by participating in various mission projects. The boys also learn about the 10 virtues of an R.A. through studying the Bible and memorizing scripture.

In the music portion of the program, children (age 4 - 5th grade) learn the reason for which we were created... to worship God. They learn about music, music missionaries, instruments, composers, music and worship in the scriptures as well as vocal and instrumental technique – all taught in an energetic, hands-on manner. The classes are divided by age/grade level to ensure developmentally-appropriate instruction. Below, you will find a detailed description of the music and worship portion of the program.

Music Time for Preschoolers is specially designed for children who are 4 and 5 years old (turning 4 prior to September 1). Children will learn musical concepts such as a steady beat, high/low, loud/soft and matching pitch. They will learn the spiritual concepts of everything being made by God – including themselves – and that God loves each of them.

Music Makers choir is composed of children in 1st & 2nd grades. In this group, our children continue learning about ways in which we worship God, the work of music missionaries, and the use of instruments in praise. They also begin learning about musical form, basic part singing and instrumental ostinatti. Teaching is done in small group and large group settings.

Young Musicians is where it all comes together! Your 3rd - 5th grade child will be playing a variety of instruments, singing multi-part music and learning that we were created to worship God in many different ways!