6797 Caroline Street
Milton, Florida 32570

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Sunday School

Sunday School aims to help persons encounter God through studying His Word. First Milton offers opportunities for families and individuals to connect to the church family through small group Bible study in our Sunday School at 9:15 am. Sunday School provides interactive Bible study for persons of every age, preschool through senior adults, including children and adults with special needs.. Each person can be involved with others on the journey of faith as they learn biblical truths and make life applications, discovering its relevance to today's world. The goal is to become more like Jesus every day.

When you arrive, a greeter will take you to the Welcome Center where you can register and, if you desire, you can be escorted to an appropriate Bible study class.

Join us in First Cup, our coffee shop, for a complimentary coffee. Espresso beverages, smoothies, and milk shakes are also available.

Fellowship is a big part of our adult Sunday School. Enjoy coffee and donuts as we get to know each other.

We look forward to seeing you this Sunday at First.

Adult Sunday School Classes
Young & Median Adult Classes
meet on the second floor of Building B

* (Young Couples 2 meets on second floor of Building E)
** (Lofties meets behind choir loft in choir room)
Young Adult College Collegiate, Bible studies to guide through education, culture & life
Young Adult Career topical studies
Young Couples 1 topical skill-based Bible studies on marriage, parenting & family
Young Couples 2 Explore the Bible, an 8-year survey of the Bible exploring specific Bible books
Single Adults Explore the Bible
Median Adult 1 Explore the Bible
Median Adult 2 Explore the Bible
Lofties co-ed group studying through the Bible
Boomers Classes
meet in Bamberg Chapel

* (Ladies 2 meets in Building G)
Ladies 1 Explore the Bible
Ladies 2 MasterWork, Bible-based, life-application Bible studies with daily personal study
Couples 1 Explore the Bible
Couples 2 Explore the Bible
Couples 3 Explore the Bible
Senior Adult Classes
meet in various locations
Co-Ed 1 Explore the Bible
Co-Ed 2 Explore the Bible
Co-Ed 3 Explore the Bible
Ladies 1 Explore the Bible
Ladies 2 Explore the Bible
Ladies 3 Explore the Bible
Ladies 4 Explore the Bible
Ladies 5 Explore the Bible
Men's Explore the Bible